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Burrata is Finger-Lickin’ Good


I came home from the store yesterday afternoon too late to really cook anything for Sugarpie. (She usually eats around 5:30 due to her self-chosen 7:00 bedtime.) She loves burrata and mozzarella and I try to give her the latter at least once a week. But yesterday, I saw that the store is now carrying burrata! I mean, mozzarella stuffed with cream?! Who wouldn’t love that.

So she had burrata and peaches for dinner. I have never seen her ignore the fruit for anything savory. Until now.

AND she licks her little fingers. I had to share.

Baby Jet Lag is No Joke and Sugarpie’s First Meal in Italy


Mmmmozzarella. She could eat her meager weight in it.

Having had a grand total of 4 hours of sleep (3 1/4 if I’m being honest) in the first 24 hours of our travels, one would think that a little stinker might sleep like a rock the first night in Italy. One would be very mistaken.

The agriturismo provided us with a nice play yard for Sugarpie to sleep in. But since we were in a hotel and share walls with others, we couldn’t quite get her to sleep in it. This would have required about 10 minutes of crying before getting comfy and finding her sleep groove, which I just couldn’t subject our neighbors to!

So at 8 pm, she snuggled in bed with us nursing, and we all fell asleep exhausted after the difficult journey. At 10:30, Sugarpie woke up and was ready for action. After 4 and a half hours of walking her outside, nursing her in bed, walking her outside, nursing her in bed (repeat repeat repeat), she finally gave in. We slept until 9 am. Whew! Hubs and I will likely never forget that night!

I was a little bit of a hostage to her because we had to do everything possible to keep her from crying and babbling loudly. But we survived.

Naps next day were wonky but she went to bed around 9 pm downstairs in the car seat next to us while we had dinner. She woke up for about an hour and slept again until 9 am.

Fast forward to Friday (in Tuscany now), and we have finally reached some semblance of a normal schedule. She slept all night, albeit late to bed, but she slept in the crib that they provided us. I’m so proud!

I read somewhere that babies get their circadian rhythms on track more quickly than adults. That is a lie, at least for Sugarpie. I think we adjusted before she did.

Anyway, that’s the nitty gritty.

Why such a dainty bite?! I had no idea. This is why I don’t like to post pics of myself.

The good news is that her first meal in Italy was mozzarella di bufala. And this is her having her second…

Eat Your Broccoli? No Problem (Days 19 and 20)


This has been, by far, her favorite vegetable. Go figure!

Day 19

If yesterday was the day of refusal, rejection, and baby-led flotsam/jetsam, today was the day of I LOVE ME SOME BROCCOLI.

We had A/C inspectors in the house today during her mid-morning meal time, so we skipped. I steamed some broccoli and roasted some. I love roasted broccoli (not a fan of really anything steamed), it has so much more flavor. But the steamed, in the end, had a more consistent texture. I grated the tiniest bit of Parmigiano Reggiano for a little seasoning. That’s how we eat it, she bes’ get used to it. I just wanted to be mindful of salt so I used it judiciously.

I also gave her a strip of Colby Jack cheese. She was into it too, but I tasted it and took it away because it was too salty. After shopping around, I’ve learned that Swiss cheese has a fraction of the sodium of almost every other kind. It contains about 40 mg/oz whereas most other common types have 160-180mg.

She is really enjoying that cheese.

She relished every fuzzy bit of broccoli floret — picked it clean and it looked like a tree without its branches. Then she tried to put the whole trunk in her mouth, but realized her mistake and spit it out. She really chewed and swallowed every bit that went into her mouth.

She didn’t stop here. That stump went down the hatch too.

I can tell that she’s chewing and swallowing more competently after 19 days. Makes Mommy feel better! It’s also nice to know that even if she had a day of refusal, she’ll come back when she’s ready. Learning to trust is her is the hardest lesson in this whole thing, but it’s becoming more clear every day that she knows best

Day 20

Just to make sure that it wasn’t a fluke, Sugarpie got broccoli leftovers today. She ate almost a whole one and played with the other. I’ll take it.