Baby Jet Lag is No Joke and Sugarpie’s First Meal in Italy


Mmmmozzarella. She could eat her meager weight in it.

Having had a grand total of 4 hours of sleep (3 1/4 if I’m being honest) in the first 24 hours of our travels, one would think that a little stinker might sleep like a rock the first night in Italy. One would be very mistaken.

The agriturismo provided us with a nice play yard for Sugarpie to sleep in. But since we were in a hotel and share walls with others, we couldn’t quite get her to sleep in it. This would have required about 10 minutes of crying before getting comfy and finding her sleep groove, which I just couldn’t subject our neighbors to!

So at 8 pm, she snuggled in bed with us nursing, and we all fell asleep exhausted after the difficult journey. At 10:30, Sugarpie woke up and was ready for action. After 4 and a half hours of walking her outside, nursing her in bed, walking her outside, nursing her in bed (repeat repeat repeat), she finally gave in. We slept until 9 am. Whew! Hubs and I will likely never forget that night!

I was a little bit of a hostage to her because we had to do everything possible to keep her from crying and babbling loudly. But we survived.

Naps next day were wonky but she went to bed around 9 pm downstairs in the car seat next to us while we had dinner. She woke up for about an hour and slept again until 9 am.

Fast forward to Friday (in Tuscany now), and we have finally reached some semblance of a normal schedule. She slept all night, albeit late to bed, but she slept in the crib that they provided us. I’m so proud!

I read somewhere that babies get their circadian rhythms on track more quickly than adults. That is a lie, at least for Sugarpie. I think we adjusted before she did.

Anyway, that’s the nitty gritty.

Why such a dainty bite?! I had no idea. This is why I don’t like to post pics of myself.

The good news is that her first meal in Italy was mozzarella di bufala. And this is her having her second…

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  1. We are in Dallas this weekend and Margret slept in her playard for about two hours then slept right smack in the middle of the bed with us till morning. Hotels and babies dont mix lol. I forgot to comment earlier but watching Georgia eating spinach ravioli was so cute it hurt. I watched the video like 10 tens. So glad y’all are having a nice time and keep the blogs (and pics) coming!

    • no they don’t!! i just wish that georgia could sleep with us WITHOUT being latched on, it would be so much more pleasant. i wouldn’t mind it so much.

      glad you liked the video! thanks for watching and reading…and commenting πŸ™‚

      • and btw, she loved the ravioli. she was buttery from armpit to armpit, even with the longsleeve bib!

  2. It’s always taken my kids a full week to get on schedule from when they were 3-4 mo. (first trips to Italy) until now at 3 y.o. old & almost 2. One time, we came for 2 weeks at easter time and realized that it wasn’t worth it to stay such a short time because it ends up really being like 1 week that we have a “vacation”. So, although it sounds luxurious to friends, we try to go for 3 weeks or a month to actually get an experience. Thank god, Italians are so wonderful with children…even cranky, jet-lagged ones πŸ™‚ ha ha. Enjoy all these new experiences with her in Italia. And, Georgia, enjoy all that cibo!!! So cute!

    • why did it not occur to me to ask you?!! i bet you’re an expert in babies and international travel! and they are SO wonderful with kids. i have a blog post coming up about that. family really is the most important thing here.

  3. Yikes! I feel ya on the hotel/baby sleep thing. It’s hard, especially when adjusting to a time change like that. We’ve had some rooooough nights in our travels, too, and we haven’t even attempted a time shift like the one you’re dealing with. Glad she is getting back in the groove, though!

    Sugarpie is a lucky kiddo (both meals, LOL). We have the same portable high chair and I am totally in love with it. I will cry when Nora is too big for it… which will probably happen soon, *sigh*.

    • thanks lauren! you know, that is the restaurant’s chair. i had thought about getting one of those but didn’t. i think it’s a done deal now!

  4. As a dad, having gone through this with the mom and kiddo, I felt pretty helpless. I’m sure Jeremy did too. But that’s the price to pay and hopefully you got through this quickly. Is Georgia normally a lite sleeper at home?

  5. hey ace! we were just talking about you today. we officially miss you! yes, g is a very light sleeper. she’s doing better though πŸ™‚ sorry it didn’t work out that we could all be together in montalcino!

  6. These pictures and videos are SOOOO sweet, Tracie! Dean and I watched her enjoying that ravioli and talked about what a blessed little life she is embarking on. Even if it does include wonky naps πŸ™‚ I am so glad you have this bright-eyed, sweet, sweet little Doodlebug to share your adventures with.

    I feel you on the hotel. We had such terrible time in San Antonio that we changed our travel plans in CO to renting a little house ILO of another hotel. Being held hostage is the perfect phrasing! You just have to keep the little bugger quiet at any cost, which is usually mom & dad’s sleep.
    We are loving seeing the pictures and reading your posts. Can’t wait to see you when you get home!!!

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