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The Brontosaurus is BACK


Oh you friendly guy! An illustration by Charles R Knight, 1897

But I really just discovered it was gone. My Sugarpie loves dinosaurs. When I was a girl, my favorite dinosaur was the Brontosaurus. It was a gentle giant, and it taught me what the word herbivore meant.

Then I realized in all of our fact finding about dinosaurs, I hadn’t come across the brontosaurus. Only about 2 months ago, I discovered that it was really called the apatosaurus. WHAT?!

I dusted myself off and decided to call it (begrudgingly) an apatosaurus. Life moved on.

Until now! Our friendly and oh-so-retro Brontosaurus has been revived! And the wikipedia page is already updated.

Check out the article in the New York Times for yourself! Children of the 70s, your Brontosaurus back.


Great Stuff: Personalized Baby Stool


best wooden toy austin

I’ll let you in on a secret if you promise not to tell Sugarpie! For her birthday (coming up Dec 12th) we bought her a little stool with her name on it.

I’ve been buying these for almost 15 years from a wonderful little wooden toy store here in Austin called Rootin’ Ridge Toymakers. The first one I purchased was for my niece for her first birthday, she’s a sophomore in high school now…ouch. That stool is still alive and well and has been used by her two little brothers over the years. It’s worn in the best way and still sits around their house like an old family pet.


The craftmanship is perfect. No rough edges here!

Georgean and Paul Kyle (she’s a kind of Georgia Ann too!) have been making toys in the 26 doors shopping center since 1975 (the year I was born). They carry Plan Toys, Melissa and Doug, and others but most of what they have is made right there in their in-store wood shop. One of my other faves is the large push rattle (looks like an old-fashioned lawn-mower).

They make puzzles and so many other great things, but I cannot live without the stool. I’m so excited finally to buy one for my own little Sugarpie! I know it will be around for her sugarpies too when she has them.

And it’s wonderful to support a local business where good people make things with their own hands. While we have our share of plastic toys in our home, you just can’t beat the quality and durability (not to mention safety) of these high-quality toys.

I highly recommend a visit! But don’t tell Sugarpie…