Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Day 2


Day 2

I can hold it better, Mommy!

For late breakfast I made homemade rice cereal. While it was cooking I gave her a banana half with the skin, and just about an inch exposed for her to chew. I thought this would be easier for her to grip. She loved it and only gagged a little bit. She also sucked on another avocado slice. I have to confess that I did keep her from biting off a chunk of avocado, but I’ll back off in a few days.

When the rice was ready, I mashed up more banana and avocado, mixed it in, and hand-expressed a little breast milk right into the bowl. Sorry for the visual, but I don’t have any milk stored!!

We didn’t have any scary moments, but we decided to just try eating once. The rice mostly landed on the floor and in my hair due to her expected lack of coordination with the spoon, but she’s learning. And so am I.

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