Hello Sugarpie!


Well, we made it through baby boot camp, scarred but surviving.  And for all of our hard work we have a real live Sugarpie who behaves somewhat like the baby of my dreams. (In all of my pre-natal fantasizing, little Georgia could make a mean pot of coffee, but we’ll just have to let that one slide.)

Here we will tell harrowing tales of traveling-like-a-newborn, the 24 hour diner that is breastfeeding, and overreacting-like-a-brand-new-mom.  (My child has a cold!  WILL SHE SURVIVE?!!)

Anyway, stick around for some product testing, commiserating–I mean rejoicing (who DOESN’T love waking up EVERY NIGHT), and some wisdom-sharing (that would be you to me, not the other way around).

And just to get this out of the way, see below for what makes it all worthwhile.

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  1. Tracie,
    Georgia, or ‘Sugarpie’ is definately an ANGEL and someone totally worth blogging about! I enjoyed reading about your ‘wine quests’ and travels in your eariler blogging. My question to you is…how long will this blog last? LOL! I ask this in a sarcastic tone of voice, only to be funny and cute and recalling many, many years ago being a young mother and totally in love with my first born. I hope you ‘show me’ and are able to continue your posts about what we all agree is the best subject in the world…our darling children. That is unless you are my age, then it’s our darling grandchildren! I look forward to reading them! Luv Ya!

  2. Sugarpie she is! Can’t wait for all the fun stories! And if you have a slow day then just call me and I’ll lend you a few 😉

  3. Tracie, she sure is a sugarpie and I say to Gabri all the time “Good thing you’re so cute!” because yes, they do make it all worthwhile…look forward to hearing your voice again in these new adventures of mammahood! Lots of blessings to you and your sweet family.

  4. I’ve worked as a backwaiter at that “24 diner” (I’m the one who takes the drink order before the real service begins)… 😉 love you picci wicci woo and so glad to see this blog come to life! 🙂 Georgia P is a miracle… and so are you…

  5. The coffee thing made me laugh out loud because when my own sugar pie was little, like maybe 5 or six I put forth a new rule….don’t cringe. My rule was for Christmas morning and it was that I was not waking up until the coffee was made, he had to wait to open presents until there was coffee. So for months beforehand Jeremy, (my sweet son) would watch how we made coffee and I was awoken Christmas morning to kisses on my head and a, “Mommy, coffee’s done”, it was 5:00 AM. Did it every year until he was too old to be waking up before me.

  6. She really is so beautiful. I love hearing too how Jeremy talks about her–mostly the look he gets on his face when he does. Very happy making. 🙂

    Cheers from Arizona. What a pleasant surprise to travel with Jeremy and get a small window into your beautiful family as a result. Lots of love to all of you!

    • Aw, so sweet! My 2B had a great time with y’all, so glad there were more ladies this time around.

      Maybe we’ll meet sometime soon…? Would love that, cheers back from texas 🙂
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