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A cure for SIDS?


That’s my Sugarpie. I used to hover, terrified of SIDS.

Wow, wouldn’t that be the most incredible thing? Every parent I know, to one degree or another, fears SIDS. How many of you first time parents out there sit next to your sleeping baby worrying over EVERY SINGLE BREATH?

What an unimaginably horrific tragedy it must be to lose a sweet little child for seemingly no discernible reason. A sainthood on the order of Jonas Salk will surely befall any soul who wipes this cause of death from the face of the Earth.

Such a man has recently made headlines. His name is Daniel Rubens and he is a pediatric anesthesiologist. Basically, his theory is that SIDS is due to an inner ear dysfunction. He thinks that babies who have this malfunction cannot wake themselves to escape the build up of carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen and reposition themselves for a life-saving breath.

He hopes to create some sort of screening process for this problem.

Wouldn’t that be marvelous? Please read here for the full article and a much more articulate scientific explanation of it all.

God speed, Dr. Rubens! We are all in your corner.