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39 Weeks and 4 Days (Still) Pregnant

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Why is it so shiny?

*So I had acupuncture for the pubic bone pain, worked wonders! And I had a massage where the therapist did a pelvic floor release. I highly recommend it if you’re in the same boat. Let me now if you need recommendations!

*Also had acupuncture yesterday for induction purposes…still here!

*My parents have swooped in to Austin to help Jeremy and me with Sugarpie, THANK YOU! That means that I can nap at will AND Jeremy can continue to work at full capacity. I just can’t do very much these days without completely wearing myself out. Also means that when I go into labor, she will have caretakers that she’s completely comfortable with.

*Been using evening primrose oil to “get things ready.” Anyone else tried this?

*Since her due date isn’t until Monday, I’m not trying to rush things. I just want to make sure that we don’t go over 1 week because that means induction. Pitocin contractions typically equal epidural and, as you remember, there is no bag of diamonds that comes with that $2800 dollar needle stick.

*That’s it! Maybe Baby Girl #2 will show up this weekend…? Her Daddy’s birthday is Sunday, but I’m sure he’s happy to share.