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Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Days 15 and 16


She makes that look every time she tries something new. Despite that look, she loved the beef patty.

Day 15

Sugarpie is having some intestinal difficulty so we’ve been going light on the solids the last few days. She’s doing better now and I couldn’t resist giving her delicious morsels of the wagyu beef patty in my slider at Vino Vino. She was ALL about it. She didn’t spit out one piece!

BLW doesn’t promote mommy-feeding, but this was the only way to get it to her mouth since I wasn’t willing to give up my whole slider, only to watch it longingly as it sailed to the floor.

Day 16

Well doesn’t she look like the cat who ate the canary.

I gave her sweet potatoes, they all went to the ground. Then I tore off a piece of thigh from Lucy’s Fried Chicken. (I went for a piece from the inside, away from the fried crusty goodness.) She chewed at that for a while, then got pretty excited. That whet her appetite and she went back for more sweet potato, but only briefly before banishing it again from her highchair kingdom.

Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Day 14


That little bite of Pure Luck goat cheese was pure torture, apparently. Oh well, more for me.

Mid-morning, I gave her a banana and a tiny bite of goat cheese, which she did NOT appreciate. She wasn’t very interested in the banana either, so I gave her some big shreds of Monterey Jack Cheese.

Now that’s a cheesy grin.

This was a winner. She couldn’t pick up the shreds without breaking them since her pincer grip hasn’t developed, so I gave her the pieces and she munched away at them.

She still wasn’t so interested in eating, but I read that this can happen for a few days alternating with times of enthusiastic gorging.

Bring it on!

Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Day 13


Mmm. She has a death grip on that slice of melon.

For lunch we had a beautiful melon and roasted Lebanese Squash from our Tecolote Farm CSA basket.

Roasted Lebanese squash

There was the ever-present avocado and I even pulled a mango stick out of the freezer. Guess what she ate most of…? That’s right, the catnip of babies, the mango.

Grrrr. Grrr. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

She ate a little, and soon she started fussing. Pretty sure it’s because she was hungry…I cleaned her up and gave her a milk feeding.

We ventured out into the infernal heat in the late-afternoon. I know, VERY stupid. Sugarpie got a little hot so we came home, bathed her, and skipped a solids feeding for a liquid one.

Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Day 12


Most of that there slice went right down the hatch. She was into it.

We had some cheese, avocado slice, and blueberries for mid-morning meal. She ate half of the avocado slice. I cut the blueberries in half and kind of squeezed out the insides into her mouth. I wasn’t sure how she would do with the peel, so I wanted to be on the safe side. She winced a little at the blueberry, but she definitely wanted more. I confirmed 2 days later that she swallowed them, I’ll spare you the details.

Her pincer grip isn’t quite developed yet, so these shreds are far from ideal.

The cheese, again, went mostly ignored. She’ll be able to pick it up before long, she’s showing signs of “the pince.” Such concentration showing in that furrowed brow!

I was eating an apple and I let her suck on my piece–she got pretty excited! Maybe there will be a soft pear in her near future.

Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Day 11


Day 11

That’s Sugarpie and her Pawpaw.

Went out to lunch with Mom and Dad (my Mom and Dad). Sugarpie had her first green bean (not too excited, but she ate it all), first mac and cheese (loved it, of course) and her first bite of mashed potatoes.

She’s already working on her food comedy routine…mashed potato beaver teeth!

Since I’m too inexperienced at this to remember to bring a bib, I just gave her tiny bites, though she took the green bean in hand and ate most of it. I also didn’t want to give her a full feeding because I imagine the salt content is on the high side. At this point, I was more concerned with making her feel included!

For dinner, I put a banana half, an avocado, and some peach slices on her tray. She was a happy girl! LOVED the peach. I let it ripen a few days on the counter so it was nice and mushy, She ate the pulp right off of the skin.

Yum. Those two tiny teeth are working their magic.

I can tell that her skills are improving. She’s learning how to move the food around so that she doesn’t gag on it and she’s getting more down!

It was a day of firsts!

Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Day 10


Day 10

This was shot with my BlackBerry, hubs has the good camera. You might think she didn’t like them judging by the spit-out clump in front of her, but she had fun.


Mid morning meal: roasted sweet potatoes, carrots (new food), strings of Monterey Jack cheese, and avocado. Didn’t I already tell you that she loves sweet potatoes? I bought the other organic kind which was some type of Japanese sweet potato and it was white-fleshed too. It was also a little gummier, probably not best for baby. I kept sticking to the roof of her mouth. We had a scary gagging moment, but she was breathing and making noise so I knew she was ok.

We got home too late to give her dinner (well, she had a milk dinner!). She was sleepy and fussy. I’m sure she would’ve tucked into a slice of mango, but I don’t want her to expect sweet all of the time.

The best news is that I have confirmed through evidence witnessed in one very smelly diaper that she is indeed swallowing something!

What a poo-roud Mommy moment 🙂

Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Day 4


Day 4

Sweet potato coated finger is AWESOME.

I had read that the sweet potato sticks would hold together better if they were cold, so I made them last night and kept them in the fridge. For some reason, it wasn’t orange. She didn’t care.

So I gave them to her mid-morning and she LOVED them! It was a sweet potato massacre. She picked up the sticks and ate with confidence. Most of it ended up in the chair and on the floor, but she sure had fun. I guess we’ll see tomorrow how much made it into her belly!

She had her 6 month check-up with accompanying shots, so I decided to forgo solid dinner and stick with the familiar. She has been nursing like a fiend so we must be going through a growth spurt.

Up next–homemade oatmeal cereal with prunes: breakfast for the intestinally challenged.