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Sugarpie is Goin’ to Italy!


Does she look excited to you? The answer is yes. Yes she does.

Well, the day has finally arrived. (Remember when we posted about getting a baby passport?)

We’ve traveled to California and other parts of Texas before with Sugarpie, but we haven’t gone trans-Atlantic until now. Hubs and I both lived in Italy at different times in our lives. I lived in Ischia for about four and a half years. I wrote a blog about it starting in January 2006 called my life italian.

Hubs lived there on and off for a span of 10 years while he was gettin’ all smart and pursuing his PhD in Italian literature. He has a blog too, and it’s fantastic. It’s called DoBianchi.

Clearly we share a love of all things Italian (and blogging), and we want to make sure and show Sugarpie what all of the fuss is about.

Hubs goes every September (plus a couple of extra times during the year) to visit clients, so we thought we’d tag along. We’ll be in the Veneto (Montebelluna, Prosecco country), Tuscany (Montalcino, Brunello country), then down to Apulia (Lecce, Negroamaro country). We’ll drive back up to the Veneto but stop in Le Marche on the way. There will be a beach or two involved and this thrills me to the core. I miss Italian beaches!

I used to work in the wine business, he still does. So this is all wine-related, of course.

We will endure about 18 hours of travel to get there and the same to come back, and we’ll have 2 long road trips. We have reserved a bassinett for the Chicago-Zurich legs, we’ll see if she sleeps in it. (Anyone out there ever done this?) We’ll also see how my milk supply is affected, hopefully not at all.

I have no idea how Little Miss Priss is going to handle the travel, let alone the time change but we will roll with the punches! It is worth it, after all.

Italy is SO kid friendly, as the family is the center of the Italian universe. Since she is the center of ours, the transition should be (relatively) smooth.

I’ll be posting from the strada, so keep in touch.

A tra poco!

National/World Breastfeeding Week or It’s Gettin’ Booby-liscious in Here


So DoBianchi (hubs), Sugarpie and I have been out of town mostly for the last two weeks. We are back now, just in time for National Breastfeeding Week. I will return to finish my first 30 days of baby led weaning series (and BLW while traveling), but for this week here at Sugarpie, the ta-tas will reign.

It is apparently World Breastfeeding Month too, so stay tuned for more stuff all month.

So please join in the comment section, mothers with past/present/future nurslings. Your wisdom is needed.

And if you are a bottle-feeding Mama, I would love to hear about your experiences whether you attempted breastfeeding or not and how you felt the world treated you. Because either way, we all know that mommies are judged. So unfair sometimes!

My story of how Sugarpie became a ninja nurser is up momentarily, so stay tuned

Hope to see y’all soon!