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The Brontosaurus is BACK


Oh you friendly guy! An illustration by Charles R Knight, 1897

But I really just discovered it was gone. My Sugarpie loves dinosaurs. When I was a girl, my favorite dinosaur was the Brontosaurus. It was a gentle giant, and it taught me what the word herbivore meant.

Then I realized in all of our fact finding about dinosaurs, I hadn’t come across the brontosaurus. Only about 2 months ago, I discovered that it was really called the apatosaurus. WHAT?!

I dusted myself off and decided to call it (begrudgingly) an apatosaurus. Life moved on.

Until now! Our friendly and oh-so-retro Brontosaurus has been revived! And the wikipedia page is already updated.

Check out the article in the New York Times for yourself! Children of the 70s, your Brontosaurus back.