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Letter for Little Sugar, 2 Months


You’re growing so fast! And you kinda have hair like Keith Richards.

Dear Little Sugar,

(Mommy’s computer isn’t happy and she hasn’t been able to upload photos ’til now. Sorry your letter is late!)

2 months already! It has flown by, yet seems a lifetime away (and for you it is). You have really started to let your smiles out into the world and it is a brighter place because of them. You make so many sounds and even almost squeal once in a while! Nanna even said that you chuckled. She always gets the first ones 😉


Who could ask for two sweeter girls? Mommy feels so lucky!

I think your vision is improving because you smiled at me in the kitchen all the way from your swing. It’s not that far, but at least 11 or so feet. Speaking of your eyes, they are just so pretty! You have long eyelashes and your irises are deep blue with a little brown stripe on the side of the left one. Unique! Will you have blue eyes like Mommy or beautiful big brown ones like your sister? Time will tell…

On the day of your 2 month birthday (Sunday September 22nd), Sugarpie, your big sister, decided to pay attention to you almost for the first time. Daddy and I were mezmerized! She wanted to be in on the photo shoot too.

She came over to your blanket where you were squirming and squiggling (as you do very well) and put a postal stamp on your arm, then she put it on hers, then yours, and so on. Daddy and I joked that maybe she wanted to mail you away, but she was really just sharing. It was beautiful!

You weighed 9 pounds and 12 ounces at your checkup and were a whole 22 inches long! Since then, you have definitely had a growth spurt. You had to get shots too, it broke Mommy’s heart and boy it made you mad! But it will protect you from some really bad germs.


My little muffin! You’re juicy and sweet like a Texas peach.

Speaking of mad, you have found your voice. And it is loud. You can really belt out a good scream! You don’t just cry willy-nilly though, you do that when you’re hungry mostly, or when you’re in your car seat. Hey, it gets lonely in there!

And you have even had tears, real tears already, which were shed in your car seat.

Your fave things to do now are watching your sister, nursing, hanging out in your rain forest chair, nursing, talking and cooing with Mommy (or anyone else who will look you in the eye and be silly), and nursing. Did I mention that already?

You are SO smiley. All it takes is a little eye contact and you are a happy girl. And as soon as you are on your changing table, you start smiling. Hey, we all like a little air where the sun doesn’t shine, right?

Who will you be, Lila Jane? I can’t wait to see. You have already won us over 🙂

Love you forever,

xoxo Momm


Letter for Little Sugar, 1 Month: Big Love, Tiny Baby!



Dear Little Sugar,

Welcome to our family! I hope you like us, because we are undeniably smitten with you (yes, including your big sister Sugarpie, though she doesn’t know it yet). Your birth was quite a wild ride, but Mommy would do it again ten thousand times bring you into the world.

The look of relief on Daddy’s face when it was all over was priceless! He had never seen Mommy in such a state of crazy.


When I saw you in the doctors arms with all of that hair, I just fell in love! I snuggled you then put you to my breast where you knew exactly what to do. You nursed like a seasoned pro and never looked back. Daddy and I were amazed.

Since then, you’ve continued your daily quest to outdrink your peers. This makes Mommy so happy because it means you’re healthy and continue on a path of weight gain that is necessary for you to thrive. You prefer no place to Mommy’s nursies. In fact, it’s sometimes hard for others to soothe you when you get squirrely because only one thing will do. That’s ok, soon enough you’ll be off and running and preferring your Nanna and Paw Paw to Mommy anyway.

I love how little you are and everywhere we go people comment on what a head of hair you have! Mommy was born with the same amount of hair, so I guess in at least one way, you take after me 🙂

And guess what, Little Sugar?! You smiled for the first time when you were 3 weeks and 4 days old! Wow! It was a certified, wide-awake grin and I will never forget it. Since then you’ve blessed me with a few more, but I imagine that very soon my happy little girl will smile the days away.

You are really holding your head up well, but you get tired after a few minutes. You also cooed at Mommy! Wow! You like your changing table so much that you decided to tell me about it with a prefect little “a-goo!”

At 1 month (which was last Thursday, I’ve been busy) you weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and were 20 and 5/8 inches long. Even though you are growing perfectly, you’re still a peanut kinda like your sister. I love that about you!

(Speaking of your sister, she is starting to come around to see how wonderful you are. She’s been the lone object of our affection for 20 whole months and it’s hard to share. Little sisters just take some getting used to. She now blows you kisses and even gives you one on your head every day. She is pretty wonderful too, so you’ll learn from the best!)


In fact, there’s nothing I don’t love about you. Your tiny toes are delicious and your soft cheek and double chin need to be kissed at least every 30 seconds, and I try to fulfill that need daily. Your perfect little belly button that took over 3 weeks to emerge is itself, a reason to become a parent. Your soft hair and beautiful eyelashes make me swoon and your hairy back is a cute as it can be! Your eyes are a steely shade of blue right now, and your little hairy tushy is the tiniest ever!

What I am trying to say is that I adore you. You are gooey like a warm chocolate chip cookie. We are grateful that you chose us and we can’t wait to see who you become.

Love you forever and ever,

xoxo Mommy

She’s Here! Lila Jane Parzen, Our New Love!


6 lbs, 12 oz, 19 inches long AND a week overdue! Glad she could cook a little longer, she’s a little bitty one!

One week ago today at 7:23 pm we met our new baby girl, Lila Jane Parzen. I was induced and 7 hours later, we had our girl. It was a tough and very painful labor, but we made it. I’ll tell you all about it soon.

Things are going great (fingers crossed!) so far and nursing has been magically smooth. It’s such a difference from my last post-partum experience. I am definitely experiencing newborn bliss, with a side of exhaustion.


Sugarpie is is doing ok with the transition. We have had a few moments of charitable sweetness, but she really only acknowledges Lila with a high pitched “noooooo” for now. That’s ok, she’ll grow on her! Sugarpie is getting megadoses of Fun Daddy Time, so that helps! (Thanks, Hubs!)

I’ll be back with more details. For now, time to nurse…again.

From the small victories department…

I slept for 2 and a half hours straight this morning! Woo hoo!