#BreakingBad with my grocery cart


Ever feel like this?

For the last entire 3 months, my children have either been coughing or had the flu, or at the very least are usually leaking radioactive snot from their sweet little baby noses.

So every time I go to the grocery store and dutifully wipe down the cart with those “hanna-tizer” wipes (that’s what Sugarpie calls them), all I can think about is Walter White and his most famous monologue.

I look at my sweet little snot bags and say…



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  1. This was HILARIOUS! 🙂 I know exactly what you mean. If it is at all encouraging, my kids hardly ever get sick anymore. Once they get through those first years when they pick up every single virus within a 10 mile radius, it gets so much better.

    How is the weaning going? You should definitely treat yourself to a lingerie shopping excursion. That was a lot of work, lady!

    • i hope so, lena! it’s the night time coughing, they sleep right through it but i hear every gasp. weaning is fine, we even talked about nursies the other day and there was no asking for it 🙂

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