Letter for Little Sugar, 8 months (and 7!)



Delicious! And you're outgrowing Teddy!

Delicious! And you’re outgrowing Teddy!

Dear Little Sugar,

You are 8 months old! Well actually, you are 8 and a half months old. Mommy is very late AND missed your 7 month letter because you two girls keep me BUSY. Not to mention that we moved the day before your 7 month birthday, that was no easy task with two little stinkers! I am sorry.

So what’s new since your 6 month letter? Well…we live in Houston now, for starters. Sugarpie transitioned immediately, but you had a harder time. But now, there are so many fun things to do in our house and in our new city! You seem to be enjoying it.

In your seventh month, you started eating real food! It was a slow start, but man you are HUNGRY now. Your first taste was an avocado and a banana, self-fed, just like your sister. You didn’t care for the avocado at first, but now you love it. We also started sleep training. It was slow-going, but we’re getting there. What else, oh…you said “Daddy!” on February 18 and you say Mamma and Nanna all the time.

Month seven wasn’t spectacularly eventful but month eight has been full of good stuff. For example, you started sitting up, and really sitting up confidently on March 17. Also, you got your first tooth followed immediately by your second, they are SO cute!! I am not in a hurry for you to lose that gummy grin, so don’t rush those top teeth out, ok?

Clapping is your favorite new thing. The sound of your tiny hands patting together is the cutest thing ever invented. Ever.

Trying to get a hold of that there banana

Trying to get a hold of that there banana

So back to eating, you love it. You eat so much sometimes that I cut you off because I don’t want you to get a tummy ache! Your favorites are meatballs, yogurt, apples, beans and you ate so much chicken curry that I thought you would burst! You also like broccoli and cheese and pretty much anything that I put in front of you. Really. We’re trying work on not getting too constipated, but it still happens sometimes.

You have had 2 ear infections in the last two months. I hope you don’t take after Mommy! I had them a lot too, they hurt. Georgia still hasn’t had one.

We have a little red piano and I put you in front of it to play. You thought it was so cool that you got all excited! When you get excited about something, you stare straight ahead, open your eyes really wide, and you shake your head like you just can’t stand it! It’s about midway through this video:

You also have your very own crib now! You really seem to like all the space and you have discovered that you like to sleep on your tummy. When you sleep like that, you wake up with the craziest sleep hair! It’s the cutest.

I get to see this little face every single morning.

I get to see this little face every single morning.

You love to lay back on my lap and let your head hang over my knees, upside down. It’s funny.

So I guess I’ll be writing your 9 month letter pretty soon! And I just can’t believe that your first birthday is right around the corner. I love you so much, sweet little Lila bear. You have stolen my heart! I can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to have a glass of fresh-squeezed Lila Jane every morning, and a big warm mug of hugs from your sister. Who could ask for more?


xoxo Mommy

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  1. she is such a happy easy-going girl. Even when she has a fever. You are such an awesome mom. I love you piccina! Can’t wait to get back home to yall. Writing from Dulles… love you!

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