Letter for Little Sugar, 5 Months


It is just you.

Dear Little Sugar,

You are 5 months old! You are really interacting with the world more than ever now. Patience is your virtue as I continue to badger you with snuggles and kisses every second. I cannot help it, I love you too much.

The day before Thanksgiving, you rolled over for the first time! It was the fastest way out of Tummy Torture, and you figured it out. We’re still waiting for you to roll again, but it’ll happen! I learned not to worry too much about that stuff after seeing how well Sugarpie has turned out. (She hated Tummy Torture just as much as you do!)

That's you and Nanna before Sugarpie's party.

That’s you and Nanna before Sugarpie’s party.

We had our first Thanksgiving with you and we had Sugarpie’s 2nd birthday party! You loved all of the attention and activity that her party offered. In fact, you have turned out to be quite a little mellow yellow, my love. You’re always happy being held and you have even learned the fine art of chillaxin’ all by your sweet self. You entertain yourself by chewing on your toes, or chewing on a blanket or something. In fact, you prefer blankets to rubbery chew toys! Go figure.

You grab at everything and gum it all. You like to get a satisfying handful of hair and see how loudly you can make your victim squeal and beg for release from your chubby little hand! Mwahahahha!

And those thighs, good lord they get yummier every day.

But Mommy digresses.

You like to wake Mommy up in the morning with your proud (VERY) high-pitched squeal. It’s a happy one though, you have a look of power on your little face as you can now command attention in a way other than crying.


She’s SO cool.

And we know how much you LOVE Sugarpie. Whenever you look at her my mind goes into a montage of you watching her with the Police song Every Little Thing She Does is Magic playing over.

Every life needs a soundtrack, right?


Gooey gooey, nice and chewy.

Little Sugar, every day you melt my heart into a big fat gooey mess. Between you and your sister, I’m just a puddle of goo all of the time. I am one lucky mommy to have you, your sister, and your Daddy! And you better believe that I know that every second of the day.

Love you forever and ever,

xoxo Mommy

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    • you’re such a great mommy and your little sugars love you so much… it’s so great to see how much Lila Jane looks up to Georgia P and how generous Georgia P is with her… love you

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