35 Weeks Pregnant: “Still” Breastfeeding, Getting Close, Advice Welcome

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Well here we go again, TMI Tuesday.

Bullet point blogging:

*As of last week, I am officially already at the weight I was when Georgia was born. Oops!

*I thought I had life-threatening tumors in my thighs, but it turns out they are just varicose veins that you can’t see yet. Yay.

*Sugarpie will be 18 months old tomorrow, and yes I am “still” breastfeeding.

*Baby Girl #2 is a little over 5 pounds right now. This is smallish, but not worrisome.

*I have a few of glasses of wine a week. (No more than one in a day, people) Yes, it IS ok.

*Baby Girl #2 is stubbornly in a breech position one minute and transverse in the next. She flip-flops A LOT. I have been doing all kinds of weird things to get her to turn. (Will elaborate later) Mamma don’t want no c-section!


Can you make out the sweet baby face? She’s sticking her tongue out.

*UPDATE: At our ultrasound yesterday, she had turned head-down and seems to be there still today! What worked? All of that hanging upside down from the couch?

*I am almost a centimeter dilated. Nice to arrive at the party prepared, no?

*I am now taking advice on how to keep a 19 month-old from wanting to banish her newborn sister from her kingdom.


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  1. What a beautiful baby belly! You look great 🙂 OK, so a piece of advice I received that I thought was hokey at the time, but worked nicely was to have the “Baby” bring Big Sister a present that she gets when she visits for the first time to the hospital. We had Everett get Aubrey a doctor kit which he used to check baby’s ears, listen to baby’s heart, etc. He still refers to it as the doctor kit Everett got him, which is cute. He really loved it & it might have softened the blow a little bit. Does Georgia get the present concept, yet? Maybe not…. She’ll do great, though. They will love each other so much, even if it doesn’t happen right away…

    • Aw, thanks lena! That’s great advice! I’m not sure how much she would understand about who the gift is from, but I think we’ll try it anyway. I love the dr kit idea too. Where did you get it?
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  2. I think you are a rock star for still nursing — are you planning to tandem nurse? Yikes! More power to you, but there’s a reason I’m having my kiddos a little farther apart. 😉 I was all “touched out” after 16 months of nursing.

    • yes, i’m planning to let her nurse to kinda stay connected and ease the transition. now, she only nurses before bedtime for a minute or two. i just didn’t get around to weaning her completely and i feel like she’ll feel less “cast aside” if i let her at it for a while. i figure she’ll want to nurse more for a little while and eventually go back down to once a day, then weaning.

      it wasn’t what i planned to do, but i recently realized that i was going against my gut and decided to see what happens. she’s going through something right now too (closer to two-year mark?) so it’s nice to be able to reassure her.

      are you pregnant or planning to be soon?

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