Best Baby Barrettes Ever


cutest hair clips

Just a quick share…I found Giddy Giddy barrettes in a store in La Jolla while visiting my in-laws. Sugarpie has always had a whole mess of hair. It not only needs to controlled, but it needs to be cute too. Duh! We are girly girls around here.

They hold like nobody’s business using a snap clip, even in fine baby hair. They’re also not atrociously large, very important for me. I love the little felt designs with the hand-stitching and bold unusual color combinations.

Giddy Giddy in hair-holding action

They’re not cheap ($8 per clip), but they are totally worth it. I’ve amassed a collection of 5 over a few months and they serve me quite sufficiently.

You don’t have to travel to California, just click on the link above to order them online. Shipping is a flat 2 bucks, I can live with that.

Sugarpie has taken to pulling them out, though not without effort. But I’m hoping this will pass!


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    • That’s so cute!! I’ll have to check out that site, I’m a sucker for barrettes 🙂
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    • sorry just responding!! lots of hair is fun BUT…it’s another thing that you have to groom. and morning hair doesn’t just happen in the morning…

      thanks for stopping by!

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