Oh What a Night on a Trans Atlantic Flight


Not the picture of peaceful sleep. At all.

So we’re a few days in and having a ball. BUT, it hasn’t been easy on the sleep front. On our trans-Atlantic 8 hour flight, we reserved a bassinet (as I mentioned before). Sugarpie was already sleep deprived by the time we took off at 7:30. Her usual bedtime is 7. She had a grand total of 40 minutes of nap time the whole day. (Yikes!)

By the time the bassinet was in place and the lights were finally dimmed, we were 3 hours into the flight. I got Sugarpie to sleep, but when I put her in the bed, she immediately sat up and in her mind, (with all of the hustle and bustle going on in the cabin), it was party time. The bassinet was small and the metal clasps that attached it to the wall had sharp bits in them. Ugh! NOT baby friendly. I would say that these are more appropriate for babies under 3 months who aren’t so grabby and squirmy.

On top of that, every time there is turbulence, the baby must be taken out and attached to an adult seat belt. This means that even if she slept, she would be constantly interrupted.

I ended up with her in my lap and attached to the breast. We managed to sleep for about an hour with my arms propped on several pillows so as not to drop her when I relaxed!

After that, hubs and I took turns holding her. It was brutal, to say the least. To Sugarpie’s credit, she was never inconsolable. It only took a zombie walk through the cabin to soothe her, at the worst.

Long story short, she barely slept and is probably scarred for life. But don’t feel too sorry for her, we ARE in Italy, after all 🙂

More stories coming up!

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