Chicken Curry, Better Hurry! Day 26


Finger lickin’ curry chicken

So, back on track and almost done with our first 30 days…

I fed Sugarpie yogurt and avocado for breakfast. Yes I spoon fed. I just do not want my kitchen decorated in a shade that went out with the 70s.

But for dinner, we had chicken curry. It had a coconut milk base and the chicken was fall-apart tender. I’m really trying to offer some different flavors so that she is exposed and hopefully open. It was a hit.

Better hurry as in, better hurry up and GIVE ME MORE, MOMMY!

After two days of cauliflower ambivalence, I’m glad to see her lapping something up again. Sugarpie went for one handful after the other. It was the perfect texture for her as she can’t really tear and grind without molars. It was so easy, I put all of the ingredients in the Crock Pot and let it go!

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