Breast Milk as Healing Ointment? Yes!


So Sugarpie got a nasty little scratch on her sweet nose. She was covered in broccoli and cod, and I couldn’t find the Neosporin. Having read somewhere that breast milk, due to its anti-microbial properties, could be used on cuts, I thought I would try it.

I cleaned the scratch with soap and water, then I squirted a little on my finger (again with the visuals!) and dabbled it on her cut. I did this a few times, letting it dry in between. Once I put her down (and cleaned broccoli out of every other crevice), I expressed enough milk onto a Q-Tip to soak it, and I applied it to the scratch. It would have been more sterile to do it this way to begin with, but it’s too late to wring hands over expressed milk.

And I just couldn’t depend on my aim…

Sugarpie carried a thin scab for two days and then it fell off! Just like that.

I guess it worked. Some other uses for breast milk that I found on the internets are:

*cure for pink-eye

*healing for diaper rash

*use in place of saline drops for nose (an older doctor I mentioned this to recoiled when I told him).

*ear infections

*good for mosquito bites and bee stings

*and most practically as a salve for sore nipples

Has anyone out there successfully attempted any other uses?

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  1. I can vouch for its properties to alleviate stuffed up baby noses (only ever did it to the child I was feeding at the time). Congratulations on the blog Tracie, it’s brilliant! I did versions of BFW (and a total of 41 months breast feeding) so very interesting. A presto spero!

  2. Very cavalier and less mindful than you… I bought this French gadget on ebay – babycook – and I used to just sling in whatever we were eating and put it in front of the kids. We have those chairs that mean that they are at the table with us (no tray) and they would just gum whatever was going… very haphazard (and lots of lentils I seem to remember).

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