National/World Breastfeeding Week or It’s Gettin’ Booby-liscious in Here


So DoBianchi (hubs), Sugarpie and I have been out of town mostly for the last two weeks. We are back now, just in time for National Breastfeeding Week. I will return to finish my first 30 days of baby led weaning series (and BLW while traveling), but for this week here at Sugarpie, the ta-tas will reign.

It is apparently World Breastfeeding Month too, so stay tuned for more stuff all month.

So please join in the comment section, mothers with past/present/future nurslings. Your wisdom is needed.

And if you are a bottle-feeding Mama, I would love to hear about your experiences whether you attempted breastfeeding or not and how you felt the world treated you. Because either way, we all know that mommies are judged. So unfair sometimes!

My story of how Sugarpie became a ninja nurser is up momentarily, so stay tuned

Hope to see y’all soon!

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