Hands off the Hamburger, Lady (Days 24 and 25)


Do NOT touch my food, Mommy.

Heeding the doctor’s advice that I should feed Sugarpie a little meat for iron, I decided to go with something easier for her to break down and gave her ground beef. Instead of a patty, I made her a hamburger “stick.” It was in a form that she could grab and get to her mouth without having to open her fist. Opening her hand to get what’s inside is a skill she is approaching, but she’s not there quite yet.

Wow. Babygirl really does love some meat. I was afraid that she was too ambitious with how much she shoved in her mouth so I tried to take it from her. She yanked her hand back! Then, as she opened her mouth once, a piece almost fell out but she saved it by poking it back in.

I gave her steamed cauliflower with a little curry powder before the meat. She ate it, but it was a tepid response. The most fun came from breaking the pieces apart. But the meat, that was the winner of the night.

Tiny hands!

Day 25

For mid-morning meal, we had yogurt with smushed-up nectarine. She at it all, probably 2 ounces worth.
For dinner we revisited the cauliflower. Again, she ate some, she played with some. I withheld the hummus on toast sticks because I knew that the cauliflower would only wither in the shadow cast by the glorious hummus.

After some ambivalent munching on the veggie, she got the toast. Look out world! Sugarpie gummed the toast and sucked the hummus from the pieces. By the time the toast was good and soggy enough for her to get a piece in her mouth, it was of an ideal texture.

Up next…chicken curry!

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