NOW We Love Yogurt, Plain Yogurt (Day 23)


I have no words.

After the failed first attempt at yogurt introduction, I decided to try a milder type and dress it up a little. I still bought plain yogurt (Mel Brooks, you listenin’?), but I smushed up some blueberries. Look out world, ’cause that was the ticket. I gave in to a spoon-feeding Sugarpie because this yogurt was kind of runny. I was not in the mood to spend the rest of my life picking blueberry bits out of the window dressings, not today.

Since I barely spoon-feed her, I am assuming that we’re not derailing any progress. I make sure that she wants it, and if there’s a hint of hesitation I let it go.

But believe me, there wasn’t much hesitation.

For dinner, we tried a cucumber spear and some strips of Swiss cheese (remember, this type is far lower in sodium). She was underwhelmed by the cucumber and excited about the cheese. No gagging today!

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