Tomato Revelation (Day 21)


We just cut it into thin mini-strips. It’s very manageable.

Today we had more steak with avocado and tomato. Our tomato supply is out of control right now. We keep getting Sungolds, regulars, and golden cherry tomatoes from our CSA. It’s all organic, local, and delicious. Sugarpie agrees.

Georgia played with the steak a little bit and threw the avocado overboard, but she was really digging the tomato. She had a hard time with the skin making it stick to the roof of her mouth (it’s kind of a common problem with her), but she kept going back.

You say tomato…

Before long, Sugarpie was doing the I’m-going-to-try-to-straighten-out-my-body-in-protest-to-staying-in-this-highchair-one-more-minute thing, so I took her out and cleaned her up. We sat down at the table and the plate that I was feeding her from was right in front of her. I offered her a small piece of steak with my fingers and she happily munched away at it. All went down, even though it was about 2 sq cm worth.

She grabbed for the tomato so I helped her with that. She ate it out of my hands with gusto. She scraped the pulpy bits off with her tiny bottom teeth eagerly. Who knew?! She loved it.

A girl’s gotta have options.

Sugarpie will try EVERYTHING that we put in front of her. It’s is probably pretty normal at this age, but I’m glad we can exploit her adventurous side. Her rejections come in the form of things she used to love (mango, for example). She’ll just scrinch up her little nose and turn her face. She loved it once, though. We’ll come back to it!

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