I Guess She’s a Meat-Eater (Days 17 and 18)


She would definitely bite your hand off if you tried to take that slice of steak away from her. That’s her don’t-mess-with-me face.

Day 17

We kinda skipped over a day or two because Sugarpie’s tummy wasn’t great. I think it’s because she’s teething. She sure had been bitin’ the boob that feeds her…ouch.

But we’re back and we decided that it was time for her to have steak! The doctor wants me to get some meat into her for iron since I’m not wanting to supplement. She’s not anemic or anything, Dr just says that babies this age need it from their diet since the placental stores are used up. I really don’t want to supplement her, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post.

We already know that this baby loves chicken, now she is a confirmed carnivore. We gave the steak to her with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. She gnawed and sucked on the little slice and generally had a lot of fun with it.

She bit off a piece, but worked it up from the back of her mouth with her usual heart-attack-inducing gag routine. It wasn’t bad though! We just cut thin slices that she could pick up with enough sticking out of her tiny fist to chew.

She either loved her dinner or she’s auditioning to conduct the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. We will be happy with either.

Hubs was thrilled, he loves steak and can’t wait until she’s big enough to ask for his famous steak and baked potato.

Day 18

No interest in food today, whatsoever. I tried to feed her yogurt — she winced and just for good measure, added a complete body shake of disgust. For dinner I thought we would revert to the trusty ol’ avocado slice, but she couldn’t have cared less.

I can almost hear her inner 13 year-old rolling her eyes and sighing.

I then pulled out all of the stops — the mango slice. *Crickets.* When I tried to put it toward her mouth she just turned her head!

I can take a hint.

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