Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Days 15 and 16


She makes that look every time she tries something new. Despite that look, she loved the beef patty.

Day 15

Sugarpie is having some intestinal difficulty so we’ve been going light on the solids the last few days. She’s doing better now and I couldn’t resist giving her delicious morsels of the wagyu beef patty in my slider at Vino Vino. She was ALL about it. She didn’t spit out one piece!

BLW doesn’t promote mommy-feeding, but this was the only way to get it to her mouth since I wasn’t willing to give up my whole slider, only to watch it longingly as it sailed to the floor.

Day 16

Well doesn’t she look like the cat who ate the canary.

I gave her sweet potatoes, they all went to the ground. Then I tore off a piece of thigh from Lucy’s Fried Chicken. (I went for a piece from the inside, away from the fried crusty goodness.) She chewed at that for a while, then got pretty excited. That whet her appetite and she went back for more sweet potato, but only briefly before banishing it again from her highchair kingdom.

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