Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Day 11


Day 11

That’s Sugarpie and her Pawpaw.

Went out to lunch with Mom and Dad (my Mom and Dad). Sugarpie had her first green bean (not too excited, but she ate it all), first mac and cheese (loved it, of course) and her first bite of mashed potatoes.

She’s already working on her food comedy routine…mashed potato beaver teeth!

Since I’m too inexperienced at this to remember to bring a bib, I just gave her tiny bites, though she took the green bean in hand and ate most of it. I also didn’t want to give her a full feeding because I imagine the salt content is on the high side. At this point, I was more concerned with making her feel included!

For dinner, I put a banana half, an avocado, and some peach slices on her tray. She was a happy girl! LOVED the peach. I let it ripen a few days on the counter so it was nice and mushy, She ate the pulp right off of the skin.

Yum. Those two tiny teeth are working their magic.

I can tell that her skills are improving. She’s learning how to move the food around so that she doesn’t gag on it and she’s getting more down!

It was a day of firsts!

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