Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Days 7 and 8


Day 7

There was one more piece of broccoli, so I let her go at it. She enjoyed it more with only the occasional wince.

We had some more oatmeal cereal (there was a bit more leftover) with prunes. She predictably spit out every bite, but kept eating more from the spoon.

Later on in the day when I was trying to prepare dinner, I put her in her highchair thinking she wouldn’t fuss. I was wrong. I was shredding some chicken, so I gave her a chunk to keep her occupied. I wasn’t expecting her to do anything more than play with it, but SHE LOVED IT.

Chicken chunk

I can usually find that all of her spit-out pieces of whatever she’s eating make a whole, but there was a little bite missing. Could she have actually swallowed it?!

Or will I find it buried in her chubby cheek next Tuesday?

Day 8

For her mid-morning meal, I made some oatmeal cereal with smushy avocado. I tasted it–seriously and surprisingly good. However, Sugarpie was not interested in eating this morning. She kind of played with the spoon and didn’t really put it in her mouth. I also gave her a piece of chicken and got no reaction.

My friend was over with her two boys, so I think that was much more interesting that what Mommy was pushing.

I skipped dinner because Sugarpie had a little fever :(.

Tomorrow’s a new day!

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