Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Day 6


Day 6

Broccoli…the bane of children everywhere! I am determined to help Sugarpie not to be such a picky eater when she’s older. No guarantees, but it won’t be for lack of exposure. I plan to tap into her infant’s lack of bias against farty foods.

We started with an avocado and banana mash (Mommy needs to warm up).

Help! I have tiny bits on my tongue…uh…*blluuuuuck.* That’s her gaggy face.

Then, I placed a miniature tree on her tray. I’m not sure that she loved it, but she sure liked playing with it. She doesn’t seem to be swallowing things, they all tend to come back out, but I know that she at least got the broccoli in her mouth. I read in the BLW book that this is perfectly normal in the first few weeks.

Her first bite elicited a wince and shake, but she jumped right back in.

It is messy. Slimy bits of cold broccoli/banana on a sleeve are seriously gross. Good thing Mommy doesn’t gag as easily as Sugarpie.

We didn’t do solids at dinner. I might push twice a day later this week, but she’s still nursing quite a bit, so I think we can go slowly.

I sure wish I could connect with some of you out there who practice/practiced BLW, I have so many questions. If you’re around please let me know!

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  1. I can’t help with BLW, but I did feed Josie a lot of broccoli as an infant and it’s still one of her favorite veggies =) Love the photos.

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