Happy Father’s Day to My Man


That’s Sugarpie and Hubs watching Easter Parade.

Dear Hubs,

Look what we did! We made a little Sugarpie, and what a sweet one she is. I always knew you would be a wonderful, hard-working, devoted daddy, but you have exceeded my most optimistic daydreams.

You were so attentive during the pregnancy, and worked so hard to take care of me when she was brand new so that I could take care of her. You cooked AND cleaned, kept my water-glass full (BIG task), ran errands, and made sure that I had my favorite nursing cookies. This is just a tiny bit of what you did for us, but it is huge to me.

I love seeing how Georgia lights up when she sees you. In the morning, you take her away to change her first diaper of the day. When you bring her back to me so that I can nurse in bed, she glances back at the door over and over to see if you’re coming back. She loves her time with you!

Because of you, she will love old movies, speak Latin, excel at math but have a musical soul, get exited about Hebrew National hotdogs, get to grow up vacationing in La Jolla, talk about her pancia, love Petrarch, say gazuntite instead of bless you, laugh at Mel Brooks, and be able to sing every song in A Chorus Line.

But the most important thing she will know is how hard you work so that I can stay home with her. Your drive and energy in building our business inspires me every day and I think of you every time that I am rewarded with a kiss, giggle, or smile from our sweet baby.

I always knew that I would love my child, but I never knew how much fun it could be. Thank you for being the type of man who not only shares that with me, but allows me to be there for every moment.

Happy Father’s Day to my dear husband! We love you.

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  2. I love yall, too, picci wicci… one of the most amazing things about being a father is what an incredibly productive period this has been… even though we have so much more on “our plate” these days, it’s been one of the most fruitful times in our lives, in so many ways… driving back from San Antonio yesterday evening, after speaking at the umpteenth wine dinner/event this month, the sun was setting to the west over the hill country… it was a beautiful sight to see and I know that at the end of that horizon, my beautiful Tracie P and sweet baby Georgia P were waiting at home for me with smiles, hugs, kisses, and coos… I’d drive a million miles for those smiles… I love you so much… I know I’m not the only father to feel this way today, but I know that I’m the luckiest in the world… and I LOVE my father’s present… 🙂

  3. btw, for those of you just got here, that’s me and Georgia P watching Easter Parade with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland in the photo at the top… 🙂 Can’t wait to take Georgia to see A Chorus Line someday! 🙂

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