Adventures in Baby Led Weaning, Day 4


Day 4

Sweet potato coated finger is AWESOME.

I had read that the sweet potato sticks would hold together better if they were cold, so I made them last night and kept them in the fridge. For some reason, it wasn’t orange. She didn’t care.

So I gave them to her mid-morning and she LOVED them! It was a sweet potato massacre. She picked up the sticks and ate with confidence. Most of it ended up in the chair and on the floor, but she sure had fun. I guess we’ll see tomorrow how much made it into her belly!

She had her 6 month check-up with accompanying shots, so I decided to forgo solid dinner and stick with the familiar. She has been nursing like a fiend so we must be going through a growth spurt.

Up next–homemade oatmeal cereal with prunes: breakfast for the intestinally challenged.

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