Letter for Sugarpie, 6 Months


Dear Sugarpie,

You’re 6 months old today! Six short (but long) months ago, you arrived on a rainy December afternoon. Mommy only had to push 3 times and out you came with a head full of curly brown hair! (It’s only curly when it’s wet.) You smelled like pennies!

We stared at each other, and when I looked at Daddy he had tears in his eyes. We knew our lives would never be the same.

Mommy wanted a dark-haired little baby girl so badly, and you came out even better than I could have hoped for.

And now look at you. This last month you’ve grown so much, in so many ways. Just after you turned 5 months old, you started rolling around like crazy. You could roll before, but now you can get around.

You and Mommy practiced just a little and now you’re sitting up on your own! I showed you how to balance on your sweet little hands and you can even look up at Mommy without falling over (mostly)! You’re so proud of yourself when you sit up, you like the view from up there. Last Tuesday at Gymboree, you sat up for 20 whole minutes!

In the last month you have really become animated. You get so excited and love the sound of your voice. New sounds are making their way out of your mouth and you love to experiment. (I’ve even heard a brief “momomo” once or twice.) You can also cry really loudly when you want to be heard! But you don’t cry so much.

Your Grandma Judy came to visit on the 18th and to welcome her, you got your teeth! Your wee little teeth 🙂 The first one came through on the 20th and the second one on the 22nd. We went to Ellie’s first birthday party and you liked her jumperoo so much that Grandma bought one just for you.

Next month we’ll get to spend lots of time with Nanna, Pawpaw, and your cousins. (That’s Mommy’s side of the family.) You love them too. Pawpaw can always make you smile and you love to hear Nanna sing.

You had your first booboo. You hit your little head but you’re so tough! Mommy only had to hold you for a couple of minutes before you were laughing and playing with Daddy again. I think it hurt us more than it hurt you.

When you and Mommy go to the store, you have to touch EVERYTHING that goes in the basket. You’re so curious about the world and every little thing is fascinating to you. It’s so funny!

We go on playdates a lot with your friends Camilla and Evie, you like them. You seem a little shy around other babies, but you like to touch their faces, if they let you!

And guess what, Doodlebug? You have a passport! It has got to be the cutest passport known to man. We’re going to go Italy in September. You will be an Italophile and speak Italian just like Mommy and Daddy!

And you know what the most exciting thing is? Today you’re going to get to eat real food for the first time, you will LOVE it! You’ll still have plenty of Mommy’s milk, but there’s a whole culinary world out there to discover. Mommy and Daddy love to eat. It’s going to be great!

You are so much fun. You are an absolute joy every single day. Life with you is the best adventure and making you smile is the most rewarding thing that I do on any given day. I hope you know how happy you’ve made Mommy and Daddy. You are loved more than you can imagine. You will only understand when you grow up and have a Sugarpie of your own. But until then, please enjoy every minute of this new world from the comfort of the love that your family has for you, baby girl!



P.S. We went to the doctor for your 6 month check up (6/15) and you weighed 14 lbs 4 oz and were 25 5/8 in long!

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