Sugarpie got her teeth!


Tiny but deadly.

On the other hand, I’m all, “Uh-oh, Sugarpie got her teeth…” (Cue impending doom music).

Any mother (nursing or not) can imagine why there’s hint of TERRIFIED in there.

We’ve had a couple of accidental scrapes,** but I’m hoping that biting just doesn’t ever occur to her. I mean they are razor sharp little nubs! Any of you veteran breastfeeding moms out there have any advice should the inevitable occur?

Would love to hear it!

**Post publication note: She bit me twice. But not on purpose. OUCH!

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    • hi there franca! great to see you here 🙂 i LOVE kellymom, thanks for the link. did you nurse during pregnancy too?

  1. I would stop and gently tell them, “no biting,” and then continue. It became a game at some pts, but we got through it. At one point I had to nurse my daughter laying down w/ her upside down to avoid the “wounds,” but it got better. With my son, it never became a problem.

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  3. i have been taking her off as soon as she does it. we take 5 then resume. i’m trying to imagine the upside down nursing position! thanks for the advice, and encouragement 🙂

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