A letter for my little Sugarpie, at 5 Months


Dear Sugarpie,

Where do I begin! You will be 5 months old tomorrow! You were such a little nugget of a newborn just yesterday. In fact, you were just dancing around in Mommy’s belly like a fetal James Brown not so long ago.

But now, my baby girl, you are here. In all of your pure, sweet, baby glory, you are here. From your miniature little toes to your butterscotch breath, I adore every single piece of you.

We’ve been through some rough times (remember when Mommy cried all of the time right after you were born?), but we made it through. You never gave up on trying to nurse in a way that would satisfy your little tummy and Mommy kept at it until we both figured it out. Now look at you! You’re a nursing ninja, and it’s the most special time that we can spend together.

When you start to nurse and look up at me with those beautiful eyes, it melts my heart, every time. We have a connection that I hope you will get to experience one day too. (But not until you’re at least 27!!) It’s like nothing else in this world. It was the best decision I ever made.

You’ve started to laugh and it lights up the whole room when you do! Your generous smile (you always have one for Mommy!) is what keeps me going, even when you wake me in the middle of the night πŸ˜‰ Just one toothless grin, and I go all mushy!

You love being on your changing table, and your tiny toes always seem to make their way to your mouth when you’re on it. I think they taste best at a higher altitude.

You don’t like tummy time so much, but who needs it anyway! You can hold up your sweet little brunette headΒ  just fine. For a few days, you decided that you only needed to wake up one time during the night, but you missed nursing so much that you had to do it twice again. That’s ok! There will be a time very soon when you won’t need me so much, and I’ll miss that.

You get so excited about life sometimes that you squeal at the top of your little lungs! You’ve also just started to blow raspberries and spit bubbles. You’re fascinated by the world around you and you like to learn about things by gumming them πŸ™‚ In fact, Nanna said that you have a little tooth coming in!

You haven’t started solids yet, but you will in a month or so…no rush, right Doodlebug? And you really like to be held. People say that I’m going to spoil you, but they don’t know that you just need a little extra comfort sometimes. This world may be exciting, but it can be big and scary for little babies too. Mommy knows.

You love grabbing Daddy’s nose and touching Mommy’s face. You also put your little lips on my cheek sometimes and its like the sweetest little fairy kiss. The little jelly rolls on your thighs are SO ticklish! I could write a book about those rolls.

You wake me in the morning by looking up at me and putting your chubby little hand on my mouth. Who needs an alarm?

And Sugarpie, you don’t know it, but you have a friend who watches over you from heaven. Her name is Caitrin and she would have been 6 months old today. She didn’t make it though, and that makes Mommy and her Mommy very sad. But we are lucky to have such a sweet little guardian angel to take care of you.

Mommy and Daddy are so glad that you found us. I never could’ve imagined that you would be so perfect! I LOVE your head full of brown hair, and you look just like your Daddy! Makes me love you even more.

You’re growing and changing, Georgia. It’s what you’re supposed to do, but Mommy just wants to bottle your 5 month-old sweetness for now. Please don’t grow up too fast!

I am forever yours, sweet girl.



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  1. So, so sweet, just like little Georgia (and her momma). I know Caitrin is smiling down on her and you, and thank you for remembering her. Lots of love to you all on Mother’s Day!

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