Is it worth it? The Medela Hands Free Pump Bra


Here is the start of the portion of my blog called “Is it worth it” where I give my 2 cents about a particular product that promises to make mommy life easier, in some way.  The problem is that most of these products cost significantly more than my advice, but some of them are well worth it. If some of you out there have tried the thing-in-question, your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

You’ll see that many of these, at least at first, are nursing-related.  Item #1 is no exception.

How many of you out there are nursing?  For something that it so natural, it sure does NOT come naturally.  I mean, it is SO DAMN HARD at first!  No wonder so many ladies go to formula–I completely understand.

That being said, I have been desperate, especially in the beginning, to try anything that might streamline the process.  Since I was pumping every 2 hours (that’s right), the promise of being able to multi-task was just too alluring.  When you’re breastfeeding, you can read your phone, a small book, or maybe even eat.  But when you’re pumping, you’re pumping.  With two hands occupied by holding the bottles there is little else–make that NOTHING else–that you can do.

After considering investing in Medela’s version (right around 35 dollars) for a couple of weeks, I caved in a moment of hormonal weakness and self-pity at my favorite nursing store, Special Addition.

Here’s the breakdown:


*The obvious, while pumping you can actually use a computer, eat, gesticulate like an Italian, DRINK WINE, and even plug up a fussy mouth with an emergency pacifier.  Aaaaaah.



*You cant do breast compressions with the bra

*It’s kinda itchy

*Looks like something a chemist with a serious S&M fetish might have designed.  (Especially the black one.)  But this could easily go in the “pro” category if your husband has a sense of humor.

All in all, I would probably buy it again.  While I don’t really use it that much these days (we’re 11 weeks along and breast feeding well–finally) it sure made those one-hour “power pumping” sessions that I had to do to increase my milk supply much more bearable.  As I’m returning to work and needing to start pumping more, I’m sure it will find its itchy way back into my routine.

There are cheaper options available (I even saw another brand that had a cute cherry design), but I was not in the mood to be jolly, and this one fit the bill.  All 35 of them.

Answer:  Yes

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  1. I used mine for every single pump session once I bought it. Totally worth it! Mine wasn’t itchy though, totally comfortable and a life saver. It was especially great for pumping at work. It actually turned those sessions into a little escape where I could read, watch a show on my iPad, or just relax which does NOT happen at my house anymore 🙂

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